The Best Laid Plans....

Well, so much for getting some gym-time this morning. Andrew was up at 3:30am, complaining of a tummyache. And do you think I have any medicine in the house for that? Noo-ooooo. Poor little guy, he didn't get much rest last night. Someone's due for a long, Long, LONG nap today.

Funny thing, this 24-hour Noggin network. Wonder why they bumped Oobi to 2am? Maybe too much attention from The Soup on E? (Damn you, Joel McHale! You're lucky you're so funny!) It's sad, how they manage to pervert a very cute show. But, I've got to say, they're on the mark with Hip Hop Harry. Stupid Scott makes me cringe!

Hmm, what's for breakfast? 6 egg whites and a piece of dry toast? Hold me back!

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