Why am I doing this?

Isn't this an exercise in Narcissism? To think that anyone...no, make that EVERYONE on the planet (with a computer and an ISP) has this great opportunity to peek into your life? Like they care!?! LOL!

Well, let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start....

This blog is about my life, middle-class America, rapidly sinking in debt, stress, weight loss, and infertility. Can I get a witness?

I'm a thirty-something, 200+ (but barely +) lbs, happily married woman who is stuck in circumstance. My husband is a franchisee with a nationally-known pizza establishment. My life consists of being his helpmate, and mommy to my punkin-munkin, 4-year-old Andrew. I also dabble at the local old-folks home as a nurse's aide, in between cleaning up behind my men and making pizzas by the dozens. Sounds like fun, huh? You should try it.....

Tomorrow we'll explore the abject frustration of working out with a personal trainer-till you puke, eating chicken breast and baked potatoes for every meal, and getting fatter by the minute. My God has a sense of humor!

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