From Doubt to Doing It

The sun has just made its appearance over the curve of the earth.  The ground still silvery with frost.  The air, cold enough to shrivel the tender nasal passages. 

The trail stretches out before me.  Over small rises and dips, past deserted playgrounds and empty soccer fields.

Steven Curtis Chapman in my ears.  Vibrations from my feet pounding the pavement course through my body.  I am doing what I thought impossible.

I am running.

My weight loss hasn't been stellar.  I've been battling some unseen enemy (hormones?  thyroid?  insulin resistance?) since starting this journey back in September.   So, rather than focus on my "failure", a friend threw out a suggestion.  "Run with me in the 5k on 1/1", she said.  I snickered.  An obese asthmatic, running in the cold.  Riiiight.

But then I thought about it...what a fantastic mini-goal!  I know I want my body to be tamed under 200lbs before heading south in February, but that seems so far away.  New Years is just a month away now.  And that would be a great challenge for my body. 

But can I do it?

Yes, yes I can.  It's not easy, but every day I see progress.  Yesterday I'm almost certain I ran a whole mile non-stop.  For me, that's HUGE.  I don't think I've done that in over a decade.  

And you know what?  The scale is responding, too.  :)

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