Slackin", or Am I?

I'm ashamed of how little attention I've paid to the blog projects lately!  It seems like, when I moved from Mumblings to this new address, my mojo stayed behind.  I have lots to say, but not so much motivation to say it.  (sigh)

Where to begin...

Well, here's the latest.  I'm down 24lbs, and my size 16 jeans, which I was SO geeked to fit into, are getting a little saggy-baggy in the rear.  Why, you ask?  Would you believe I've found a new love in exercise?

I'll wait while someone hopefully grabs you some smelling salts or something.

Yes.  I'm exercising.  A lot.  While the weather was still mild, I was walking 5 miles every morning before the sun made his appearance.  Now that it's a little colder, I decided to do something even more sane.

Sign up for a 5k run/walk on New Years Day.

Still with me?  :)

Yes, fat Emily is now up and running in the mornings.  I have enough self respect to at least wait until the high school kids get gobbled up by the big yellow buses.  Because high school kids are cruel.  And I've already done my time.

I'm still in the very beginnings of training.  But already my endurance is getting better.  And my @$$ is getting more and more toned, or so DH says.  Ergo my saggy baggy pants.

So there it is.  Life's good.  I'm 214.2 lbs as of this morning.  And I'm well on my way to my first goal of 200 lbs by Success School.

I big pink squishy heart AdvoCare!!!!!!

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  1. You HAVE been slacking!!!!! Congrats on the weight loss. Need I say I am proud of you?