200 Days

I know I missed my 11 weeks post, obviously there's a lot of plates spinning right now. But I just realized that I have 200 days of pregnancy left. Wow, that sounds like a long time, doesn't it? But you know, it'll be gone in a wink.

Thankfully, my nausea has all but gone away. Food actually looks GOOD now, which in it's own right is scary. I'm determined not to blow it, weight-wise, like I did with Andrew's pregnancy. But last night, I just couldn't say no to the beef. McD's QPC went down so smooth, especially with that chocolate chip cookie chaser. Mmmmm! Maybe it's an iron thing, but suddenly the cow is king.

Our little blessing is the size of a large lime. Who knows how big a lime is? I mean, isn't it just a green lemon? Unless you're talking about key limes (mmm, key lime pie). Anyway. (S)he's bopping around in there, movin' and groovin'. All systems are functional, now they just need to get bigger. Boy parts/girl parts are becoming more distinguishable. We have a doctor's appointment today, and they'll probably try to hear the heartbeat on the Doppler, but I'm not holding my breath (too many layers down there to listen through).

Andrew commented to his dad that, with all that's going on with us financially, maybe having a baby brother isn't such a good idea. :)


  1. Gotta love kids. They come up with some good ones. Glad the new arrival is wiggling around now. It always made me feel better when I could feel them.

  2. we dont have an aldis but we have a bottom dollar which is all generic just like aldis, you have to bring your own bags. It really makes a diff.