Is It Love? Hate? Anger? Let Your Feelings Out About The Octo-Mom!

What is our fascination with this crazy woman in California? Everywhere I turn, the buzz is all about the octuplet mom. And that buzz is decidedly negative.

Are we most offended because her situation practically spits in the eye of the economic issues our country faces right now? And California, while probably one of the most liberal and therefore understanding of such a predicament, is certainly one of the hardest-hit states in the recession. So, to top off the mess that is Californian finances, here comes Nadya with her 8 preemie babies and their hospital bills estimating at 1.5 million dollars. And that's just the medical care they'll need until they go home - it's not even touching the cost of care at home, from formula and diapers to pediatricians and housing. The amount of money about to be funneled into Suleman's blessings promises to be staggering.

Word on the street about her ethnic background is her dad is Iraqi. Could this be part of our inherent dislike for her? Could we possibly be discriminating against her ethnicity? Or could her ethnicity help us to understand why she's made the choices she has?

Or are we disgusted with the way she's managed to work the system to her benefit with her other six children?

Is anyone else questioning why, since she's pro-life and dead-set against killing the embryos, she didn't take into consideration these babies' best interests and adopt them out to families who were more financially and mentally stable?

Why did Suleman decide to immediately retain a publicist? Could it be that she saw these children as being her ticket to fame? How wrong was she, expecting the American public to actually be sympathetic to her situation? Or interested enough to watch the latest TLC series starring her and her brood? I wonder if any network would pick up her story, or if they're terrified of the backlash. Only time will tell (but, for the record, any network that puts Suleman on the payroll will never be watched in our home).

On a program this morning, I was watching Nadya and her mother in semi-heated debate over how she'll care for these babies when they arrive home. She was saying she'd "have to" take the help offered. As of it's not the desired outcome. Not a hint of thankfulness anywhere. Some kind charity offered her a place to live, and round-the-clock nursing care, and it was clear by her attitude that this was not her grand scheme. How sad for these children, to fall victim to a mother's delusions.

I'm struggling not to look at Nadya negatively, and I'm failing all over the place. What about you? Do you have the ability to look at her with pity?


  1. Nope, no pity here. Dr. and her plan is not panning out as planned. Do have pity for those poor babies!

  2. I do see her with pity because I think she is a sick woman. And I really pity those 14 kids - let's not forget she has 6 more too. They are the pitiful ones in the story. And I certainly don't think it has anything to do with where her family came from because that is all news to me.

  3. I think the woman is nuts if you ask me...I dont know if she WANTED to have 8, but then I read she had 6 already(I havent been following this much) WHY??? 1 or 2 kids is too much for me, and this lady has like, 14??? Guess her day wasnt hectic enough...like I say, all I can think is she has a screw loose. Or she will have soon. Who knows, it takes all kinds.

  4. No pity whatsoever. Did you see the ex bf is asking for a paternity test? There must be money in this! "Nadaya and (ex bf) plus 14"
    TLC here we come!