Post Doc Appt Update

I'd call everyone, but I'm still really sick and hacking and short of breath. Here's the latest:

Yes, we got the ultrasound today. Sorry, no pictures, but we got to see a heartbeat, and the baby looks very much like the picture from the last post. Absolutely beautiful. Do I need to tell you I cried?

The blood around the fetus (yes, it's a fetus now, having graduated this week from an embryo) is gone, however I'll be keeping with the progesterone suppositories until 14 weeks. Not much of a headache, I'm resigned to them by now.

I got raked over the coals for my pallor, and had some trouble explaining to the doctor that I'm not sleeping much lately because I can't lay flat for any length of time. I wish we had a La-Z-Boy or something, it'd be so much easier to rest. But I'm on low-dose antibiotics, so hopefully I can kick this cold/flu/whatever soon and get back to BED!

For some reason I'm being kept on a 2-week schedule with appointments. If they consider me high risk, they've certainly given me no indication why (aside from the obvious, age-weight-miscarriage history). They're also requesting my information from Andrew's delivery in Columbus. Again, I'm clueless as to why, but I'm not concerned about it.

All that, and the icing on the cake - I lost 4 lbs. God is so good!


  1. Congrats!!!! knew it would be ok. Just hang in there. Hope you cold goes away soon.

  2. Sorry to hear you had a set back resting last week with being sick. Hope you are starting to feel better:-)