14 Weeks

My baby, oh those changes! You're supposed to be as big as my fist now, covered with lanugo, sucking your thumb and swimming away. All your organs are fully functioning, as is the placenta. That probably explains why I'm feeling more human these days. Thank you!

Pretty soon I'll be feeling you bump against the inside of my tummy. They say it's usually 16 to 20 weeks, but it happens sooner if you've already had a baby. This is something I'm really looking forward to, since this pregnancy still doesn't seem "real". I've not really gained weight, my boobs still look close to normal. It's still too easy to discredit everything, even the ultrasounds.

This week's food cravings? It's been all about the baked potato. Mmm-mmmmmm! Since my husband's not much of a fan of ham, and doesn't enjoy turkey at all, we improvised Easter dinner into a roasted chicken, asparagus, and this fingerling potato mix that was on the clearance rack at Meijer this week. Weird, purple potatoes, along with some normal reds and baby Yukon Golds. The purple ones didn't taste any different, but I couldn't make myself swallow them. But those others went down pretty smooth, along with some chow-chow.

Ultrasound this week. We're anxiously awaiting Thursday's appointment. I'm hoping thqat maybe seeing this baby become a reality to Andrew will push me along with him.

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  1. Feeling the baby move around was the best part of the prengnecy for me.