Week 16 Update

Wow, this has been a nutty week! I started cramping in the lower belly Monday, then spotting, then of course FREAKING OUT. So it started...

My OB is out for a few weeks for hand surgery. I called her office early Tuesday morning, they could get me into her substitute OB on Wednesday at noon. Then they called me back and sent me to the hospital for an ultrasound. My big concern had been dilation, and I expressed this to the girl, she said they'd check that at the hospital.

Yeah, they didn't. They did a full scan of the baby, measuring everything, and didn't even once stop to look at my cervix. And you know how those hospital techs are, completely tight-lipped.

Wednesday, at the substitute OB's office, I got another ultrasound. Fortunately the tech there told me everything looked great, both with the baby and my cervix. I guess I have a tilted uterus, and an anterior placenta, but the baby looks great. Heart rate of 144, roughly 5 ounces, size-wise the baby's only a few days behind now.

And, in her experienced opinion, even at the early date....


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