15 Weeks

Well, the baby looks like a baby now. No more reptilian features, webbed fingers and tail's gone, and (s)he actually has a neck now. And getting bigger every day. I marvel at the miracle....

Not much to report with me. I feel better, the nausea's all but gone. The maternity clothes I bought are super-comfy, but still not strictly necessary.

I've really been spending alot of time trolling craigslist and seeking out great deals on the items we're going to need. Last night was a bathtub and a Pack & Play. Once we find out if it's going to be Mildred or Wilbur, the shopping will definitely intensify. But, until then, I'm sitting on my hands.

I'm pleased at how quiet everything is here. Because it's time to start cleaning and packing up this house.

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