235.2 lbs.

When am I ever going to get serious about weight loss?

What kind of motivation do I need to get me through the long haul?

I'm praying for God to be with me today. To walk with me through today.

I really just need to take this one day at a time.


  1. I believe that it really is a lifestyle change and that is super hard to do. Especially when you are surrounded by pizza!! But I know that YOU are more powerful than food by the mere fact that you are still standing! You have been through the storm and you are still on both feet. Girl, you have it in you. You can make this shift and I'll be cheering you on!


  2. It's so hard to stay focused, believe me I know first hand. Besides all you've been through, finding a new place to live, moving, friends moving away. Give yourself a break. I have found I'm a huge stress eater. When ever I'm stressed the fridge door flies open. Just by aknowledging that fact I find myself being more mindful of what I'm doing. Also no matter what I do certain times of the month I pack on 3-4 lbs. I stress even though I know it will leave in a week or so. We're here to support you Emily. Just keep trying!

  3. don't beat yourself up *hugs* It is definately difficult. I am trying to watch my weight, but also focus on a diet that is low in sugar, sodium, fat and it is so hard to balance it all out. Argh!! Not just thinking weight loss, but in case we get pregnant. :)