Good News

God is generous with His rewards.

My DH and I looked at a house for rent on the northeast side of town a few weeks ago. I fell in love. It's not perfect, but pretty darn close for our situation. I asked the landlady when she'd be back in town so we could sign paperwork and give her a wad of money. She said she needed to think it over and discuss it with her husband.

What did she need to think over, you ask? Well, it's not our financial situation.

It's the cat.

So I called her a few days later, she said she was still showing the place and would get back to us by Tuesday evening.

When the phone never rang, I was crushed. But that was the day I committed to rejoicing in God's Plan, and I pasted a smile on my face and knew He had something in store for us.

Went to work Wednesday, pulled the classifieds and started calling and making appointments to see other places.

And you know what happened? The landlady left a message on our machine while we were working.

Yes! We're signing the lease Sunday!

I couldn't be more excited.

Well, on second thought, if God were to provide someone to pack this house up, and move everything for me......


  1. Praise God from Whom ALL blessing flow! Rejoicing w/you.

    Blessings, Kim<><

  2. I just love your attitude given your situation.


  3. Hooray for new beginnings.

    "May we forever dwell in places that make us strong, ready to be surprised by joy." (Dominique Browning)

  4. Wow! God is great! I'm so glad that you got it! YAAAAY!

  5. so does that mean you get to keep your cat, too? i was thinking about you today. i bet you guys will be busy tomorrow- hope you sell lots of pizza and cheesecake. :)

  6. I am so glad to hear all worked out with the apt. If I lived closer I would definately be there to help. :)