A Day in the Life of a Homeschooling Mom

5am: Awake. First cup of coffee. News. Catching up on my reader and facebook.
6:30am: Andrew blearily comes out from his room. Smelling like pee. Strip the bed, start a load of whites.
7am: Watching the news with Andrew, explaining what he doesn't comprehend. Like why Harry was getting a colonoscopy on The Early Show. Looking up on the internet why Harry's colon looked "wet and slippery". I'll spare you the details.
8am: Yasar's up. Second cup of coffee. Andrew to the shower, laundry into the dryer.
8:30 am: Make beds, straighten up rooms. Stop to check pH and nitrates in the new aquarium (and explain to Andrew what I'm doing, why, how, yadda yadda).
9am: Make blueberry pancakes and throw leftover broccoli and potatoes into an omelet.
9:30am: Breakfast.
9:45am: Dishes
10am: 2 pages of reading comprehension, a page of spelling, 2 pages of math for Andrew.
10:45am: Yasar off to work.
11:30am: Review 4 verses for Awana tonight (two were leftovers that Andrew didn't get to recite last week). Also go over 100 sight words.
12pm: Kid's Clock!
12:30pm: chicken corn noodle soup for me, tuna salad sandwich for Andrew.
12:45pm: Dishes
1pm: Make Andrew's bed. Fold the res of the laundry. Get the mail and make some calls to update companies with our new address. Talk to a friend.
1:45pm: Drop off a check with Yasar at the store. To the bank to make a rolled change deposit to our "Disney in Two Years" account.
2pm: Off to the library to pick up some new books and educational DVD's. Andrew got his first library card (he's very excited!).
3pm: Make two cheesecakes for a Friday pickup. Peanut butter bananas and milk for snacks.
4:00pm: Dishes.
4:15pm: Make some rice for dinner. Head outside to watch Andrew ride his bike up and down the block.
5:00pm: Electric Company (the only TV show I consider part of my homeschooling).
5:30pm: Dinner.
5:45pm: Dishes.
6pm: Cup of coffee, a little computer time while Andrew reviews his verses.
6:20pm: Out the door to drop Andrew at Awanas.
6:35pm: Domino's to drop off Yasar's dinner, then off to Meijer for some grocery shopping.
7:30pm: Dollar Tree for some personal hygiene items for the Cleveland homeless shelter.
8pm: Stop off at Domino's on the way back to pick up Andrew.
8:15pm: Pick up Andrew from church. High-fives and big hugs for success at reciting the 4 verses.
8:30pm: Home. Unload car of groceries. Quick snack for Andrew while watching a Veggie Tales DVD.
9pm: Brush teeth, into PJ's. Climb into my bed with him to read a chapter of Island of the Blue Dolphins.
9:30pm: Prayers and bedtime for Andrew.
9:45pm: Load of coloreds into the washing machine. Sweep of the house to see what needs to be put away. Take meat out of freezer into fridge for tomorrow's dinner.
10pm: Brush teeth, wash face. As many chapters of Food Inc. as I can keep my eyes open for.

Just another day. I fall asleep exhausted but with a smile on my face. I love my life. :)


  1. Who ever said stay at home mom's have it easy was definately not a mom. Busy Busy!

  2. It's always a great day when it includes ppl we love.

    Hey...RE your comment on my blog, ANYTIME you want to talk 'homeschool' just let me know.

    Blessings, Kim<><

  3. You are amazing! I wish I could send you on a vacation to Hawaii. xxx

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! hope to see you again soon.