Yesterday In Pictures, and a Prayer Request

Impossibly creamy, yummy, homemade yogurt. You can find the method here, I used the gelatin, added nonfat powdered dry milk, and the crock pot became an incubator.
Yes! The flat sheet we've been using to cover the front window? Gone. I made curtains! Those rudimentary sewing skills came in handy (finally). They need some work, they're pretty sheer when the sun's out. But I'm still dang proud of my work!
And, while the sewing machine was already out, I made a draft-catcher for the bottom of our front door (there's a quarter inch gap there!). Do you recognize the fabric? Here, again, showing off my new frugal chops. In the past I would have been headed to JoAnn's for some new fabric. This time? Hmmm, what have I got laying around the house.... It's filled with deer corn, which we'd been using to make microwavable hot pads early last year. And it stops the creeping cold nicely.
And, my pride and joy. Leila finally has a place to call her own. It's hard to capture on camera, it's in the hallway right outside our bedroom. I made it out of a cast-off shelf, a few cans of spray paint to cover the original navy blue-lighthouse motif. Then my wonderful friend Tricia cut the letters for me (she's just started her own business and is about 12 months pregnant). It turned out beautifully, and the thing I love the most about it is how many of you had a hand it in. Lea, with her angel wings. Katy and her memorial plaque. The talented photographers at Rory's Garden for the beautiful pink flower with Leila's name on it. Christine, for the baby book and the shelf. Anita, for the baby on the cloud and her photography skills. The Peace Bear project. Jessica for her collage (not pictured here, but next to my bed with Leila's ashes. Andrew, for the cross he bought Leila for Christmas. Thank you all, from my heart.

Saving the most important for last. Kelly is a BLM who never really joined our community. She caught pregnant again, and just gave birth to little Dillon Blake, 3 months premature. Please, please send her some love and encouragement, and lift her and her family up in prayer.


  1. Praying for Kelly and Dillon!!

    I love how you're making so much of your own stuff! Awesome!

    Leila's space is soooo beautiful! I love how it turned out!

  2. Oh my heart the curtains are beautiful! You did an awesome job! And I love Leila's space too, it is perfect! :-)

    You go girl! :-)

  3. I love your frugalista ways!! :)

    Love Leila Mae's space as well!! :)