Miami River Foods Project Beta Box 2.1

MRFP Beta Box 2.1 In Da Howse! (my house, LOL!)
Sourdough bread with olives? Oh, baby....
Cheese, butter, and eggs.
My one little green egg (I'm saving it for Andrew).
Dry goodies - brown lentils, black beans, white basmati rice, and quinoa. All in green compostible bags.
Kamut? This is going to be something new for us.
Hopefully that's enough t.p. to get us through the month. It's not double-roll.
And my dinner tonight. The menfolk are in Columbus, so I got to sit down with some of that amazing colby cheese, a slab of sourdough bread with my spreadable butter (equal parts softened butter and evoo mixed together), a couple medjool dates from the Middle Eastern store (which are amazing, mushy and sweet - YUM!), a glass of zinfandel (thanks Shari!), and a well-loved book.

I am thankful. :)


  1. I literally cannot imagine a more perfect dinner.


  2. All that food looks fantastic and healthy. I'm intrigued by the kamut noodles. Hmmm.

  3. your dinner sounds ah-mazing. i wish we had something like the miami river foods box here. that is so cool! enjoy!

  4. Beautiful display!I'll be interested in how the macaroni tastes - never heard of it.
    Angela's Ashes is one of my faves, too. I love all Frank mcCourt's books.God bless!

  5. Oh you are going to like Kamut, it has more fiber than regular wheat and bakes up better I think, and despite it's color to me it tastes like an extra buttery white......proud of you for making these changes, we did a few years ago because of my son, and even though we aren't perfect at it (the parents eat worse than the kids, LOL) I know that it has helped all of us. Don't give up on something the first time, just try a different recipe ;)

  6. Yum is right! That looks delicious- good for you for treating your self so nicely.. ;)

  7. We tried the Kamut noodles in the last box. They are good--very earthy taste. I made a "beefy Mac" meal--lots of garlic. They were good--I think you will like them.

  8. Sourdough with butter sounds yummy!!! We're having roast vegie with sausages tonight. =)

  9. Sounds so good. LOOKS even better !

    Blessings, Kim<><