Not Much to Say

Well, technically that's not true. There's lots to say, but I'm concentrating it down to one simple sentence:

I'm so grateful this week is almost over. It's a week I would never want to repeat.

It all started with this post over on Almost Frugal.

Then we had some very, very serious family problems. Also on Monday.

Tuesday saw us reeling in shock and heartache for my family, and so many prayers for healing here. With a healthy side of that horrible joy/self pity feeling that goes along with someone you know announcing a new pregnancy. Oh, and this post. (stay tuned on Monday at AF for my response)

Wednesday was a doctor's appointment. Since moving to this new house, I've been having breathing problems. Bad enough that I wasn't getting any sleep without Nyquil. And I bared my soul to my wonderful doctor about my weight problem. It's been impossible this last year to lose weight, something that's never been this hard before. I've been walking around in this cloak of failure and self-loathing for too long. So I asked him if it's the stress of all that's happened, or just me getting older, or maybe a medical issue?

Thursday - bloodwork to check my thyroid level, blood sugar, cholesterol, BUN, creatine, and pretty much anything else my doctor could check for. An afternoon with Yasar and Andrew in Dayton getting the car fixed and doing some grocery shopping at the Middle Eastern store.

Yesterday, Andrew and I went to Charleston Falls after work. We needed that time together to talk and just soak each other in. I am blessed to have a great kid.

Today? I pray for a quiet, uneventful day. At midnight I will celebrate the resurrection of my King as well as an end to this horrible week.


  1. read those links I say judge not lest you be judged. Hugs Emily. Next week will be brighter for sure:)

  2. Hope next week is happier for you. I know the medical things are frustrating for you,maybe the doc can find something specific that meds can fix.It is when you know you are sick and the doc acts like it is in your head (like has happened to me before) that is frustrating.As for the bankruptcy -it can happen to anyone. I think you did the best you could with what life handed you at the time.The best part about life is we serve a Risen Savior! Remembering Leila with you.

  3. I read what you wrote on Almost Frugal and appreciate you honesty. Sorry you had such a bad week. I hope this week will be much better. =)

  4. I hope this week brings you much needed peace.

    Love thoughts and prayers