The Simple Woman's Daybook 6/22/10

Outside my window...a morning thunderstorm.  Rain.  The cool breeze is a blessing after a week of heat, humidity, and lack of a.c.

I am thinking...about friendship.  How to be a good friend, why people I considered friends turn out not to be true.

I am thankful for...the true friends that I have. 

I am wearing...my pj's. 

I am going...to work.  Today's my "long" day, open to p.m. rush.  But I'm grateful that I can do this for Yasar, so he gets a day off every week.

I am reading...In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. 

I am hoping...yes, yes I am.  I won't put a name to it, but I still hope.

On my mind...Medicaid.  And the hoops they make you jump through to apply.

I am creating...not really anything at the moment.  Unless you count the garden.  I'm itching to start a new cross stitch, though.

I am hearing...rain outside, Andrew watching a movie, the fan.

Noticing that...(sigh) this house needs to be cleaned.  It's my Wednesday chore, so by Tuesday this place is looking pretty skeevy.

Around the house...homeschool curriculum that needs to be sorted and filed, a fish tank light that needs replacement (the whole light, not just the bulb), front flower beds needs tilling or mulch.

A few plans for the rest of the week...not really anything out of the ordinary. A few more hours than usual at the store to cover for someone who's out and as backup for customer appreciation special. 

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