Oh, the heat and humidity in central Ohio is INSANE right now!  Every day, 90 degrees, 90 degrees, 90 degrees, BAH!  I never thought much of air conditioning, but now that we live in a house without it??  And this is the hottest summer I can remember????? 

Last night, between the oppressive heat and overpowering humidity, the air felt like 105 degrees.  Outside the house...inside must have been at least 5 degrees hotter.  I came home from work, piddled around the house as long as I could stand it, and cried "Uncle!"

Instead of baking all night, when DH got home from work we headed out to see a movie. 

Because, you know, movie theaters are, as a rule, always freezing. 

Toy Story 3 was a sweet escape for our family.  We had a wonderful evening, the three of us, dinner and a movie, for under $30. 

I'm so very grateful I have a husband who sometimes submits to my impulsive side.  I know we don;t really have the money right now, but sometimes it's best to give in. 

Thank you, my husband, for giving us such a fun (and cool) night!

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