Paleo - Week 2

Things, they are a cha-cha-changing.  I'm still weighing in around 230 lbs, however my husband says he sees changes in my body.

My goal is to be 220 lbs, but I'm by no means defining my success completely by a number on a scale.

This past weekend my son attended karate camp (he's 6...and now he's staying out overnight. sigh.) and Hubby and I had the day all to ourselves.  My plan was a "cheat" meal, and I guess I did have one, but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as it could have been.  We fired up the grill and rolled out some Flinstone-sized t-bone steaks, a few chicken breasts, and some salmon fillets.  As our side, we made tabbouleh, which is a parsley/tomato/onion salad with a handful of bulgar wheat thrown in.  I had a few spoonfuls of that, which was my only real no-no.  And if I ate a total of 1 tbsp wheat it would shock me.  Dessert was baby carrots.  Then we went to play some sweaty tennis, and after that it was unlimited watermelon and cherries.  There it is, my big cheat. 

On the health front, a visit to the GYN this week unveiled the uncontrolled mid-cycle bleeding.  I have a cervical polyp...or at least one.  And apparently a strange looking uterus.  So the good doctor is sending me in for a detailed ultrasound of all my female works, and, once all my oddities are firmly established, I'll be going in for surgery.  I remain prayerful that this may bring to light the reason for my fertility issues.  Please join me there.


  1. contemplating doing this diet too, is the food yummy? what are the flex/cheat meals.....is it a program you join? Great job with it! Hope all goes okay at the dr. I have been put on progesterone cream now, still not back to normal after Katy.

  2. Good job on the weight-loss! I know what a struggle that is (being a former anorexic...looking in the mirror and attempting to *love* my body is definitely easier said than done!)
    Also sending prayers that you will get some answers to the mid-cycle bleeding =( and all the fertility stuff worked out.

  3. Look at your cute little butt!

    Okay, I'm so cornfused, only because I am not wanting to be a mama myself. Why are fertility issues showing up now, after a successful pregnancy?