Could It Be a Sign?

Next month we take some little pills to help us have a baby.

And I'm exploring other things to do to increase our chances. 

Like using Preseed.  I bought some last month to round out a drugstore.com order and get free shipping. 

But today I was reading some of the information on their website

And realized those little blue flowers along the header were...(sob)

Yes, they are. 

Angel, if it's you, and you're trying to tell me something,

Let me tell you.  I love you.  I miss you every minute of every day.

I want another baby.  But that baby will never replace you in my heart.


  1. Loving you, Emily.... looking forward to an update.

  2. I think it is a sign from your angel. She knows that she will never be replaced in your heart and she wants her mama to be happy. :)

    Good luck with the meds and pre-seed next month...its good stuff! (((HUGS)))

  3. Awwww ~ it sounds like she is sending you a sign.
    As for the pre-seed....(and this may be TMI so feel free to delete) ~ if you are able to make your own EWCM then you probably won't need it as it won't help and may actually hurt you =( Unless the pills you are taking is something like Clomid, which is notorious for drying up your EWCM.....
    If you have any fertility-type questions, you can feel free to ask....I'm pretty *knowledgable* in that area....not that it has done me a bit of good...but still, am pretty educated in NFP.

  4. What a beautiful sign! I have heard good stuff about preseed. Good luck!