The Endless Yammering in My Head


I'm done.  Paleo was great, but I just. cannot. stand. the. endless. carb. cravings. anymore. 


So I'm going for the modified version. 

Light on the carbs.  But there will indeed be carbs.  Whole-grain carbs.

(whew).  I feel better already.

Abject denial in your diet leads to obsession.

(ya think?)

So, there it is.  Call me a failure if you want.  I'm off to a small bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.

Is it weird that I'm excited about oatmeal???


  1. lol. Its not weird at all. :-). I gave up the no carb a long time ago and just *made* myself eat smaller portions. Good luck!

  2. You are not a failure in the slightest. It's simply that our bodies need a little bit of everything to be happy. :D