Grocery Challenge - Month 3

And I mean "challenge" in every sense of the word. Wow, I cannot get over how expensive just day-to-day living is now! Here's the breakdown:

Groceries - $383.17
HBA - $27.73
Restaurant - $101.18
Gas - $151.37
Misc. - $104.05

As you can see, groceries are down, while restaurant spending has doubled from last month. After looking at the dates, it seems that we've been relying on fast food alot closer to the end of the month. That makes sense, we've been consumed by the system update at the store and have spent very little time at home.

Gas? That was 2 fill-ups for each of our cars. Yowza!

And, if our spending wasn't disturbing enough, we now have a new hurtle to cross. The ceramic cooktop on our stove broke this morning, and the appliance guy said it would take almost 2 weeks to order the part in (and I'm not even gonna go into how much it's going to cost). So I'm limited to a crockpot, oven, toaster oven, and the grill for the next few weeks. And rather than complaining while I order up a pizza, I'm rising to this challenge, AND adding the Zone diet to the mix. It's gonna be interesting.

Goals for next month:

  • Find a way to make healthful meals out of the pantry.
  • Inventory-ing the pantry & freezers to maximize efficiency.
  • Seek out and test 3 new crockpot recipes and posting their result.
Fingers crossed?

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