Day 5, No Relief (What To Do in Yucky Weather on a Budget)

School was closed Wednesday due to snow. Closed Thursday and Friday due to subzero temps. Off the weekend, and closed tomorrow for MLK Day. My son is starting to drive me nuts. Seriously, I can't find his OFF switch. Help?

What do we do when there's no school, no money, and the weather keeps us inside?

Games - we've gotten very good at scoping out the local thrift shops for age-appropriate board games for Andrew. Yesterday we picked up Don't Break the Ice for $1.99, and he's dying to open it and play. Memory is also a big hit with him, as is the SNES with all his "new" cool games. He loves Jenga, which his nanny and pop pop bought him new for his birthday (dual purpose, he uses the blocks to build "garages" for his Matchbox cars).

Cooking - as a 5-year-old, he's finally come into this "I want to help" phase. And he's endlessly fascinated with what goes on in the kitchen. He's just entranced with watching the cinnamon rolls go from doughy mess to warm, puffy goodness. Watching the oven window as if it were a TV? Priceless!

Library - yup, the old stand-by. But it just can't be beat. Especially when it's snowing a little, and there are other kids in the Children's Section for Andrew to socialize with. For some reason, he's just wild about the felt boards they have available for the kids. Picking out DVD's and books to bring home, it's one of his favorite things to do. Me, too.

Cleaning - when I was young, my sister, brother, and I would clean the kitchen by playing "I Spy". If you couldn't guess within so many turns, you had to pick up so many items and put them away. Sure, it took all day to clean off the table, but the point is it made it FUN. Andrew and I do something similar, sometimes using colors, letters (starting with), even smells and textures. It's fun, and very time consuming!

Snuggling - with a movie and some popcorn. Sometimes it's just the best thing to do. I hope he never gets too old for that!

That's what we do when it's yucky outside. What're your secrets?


  1. water color painting is great because it leaves very little mess a plus with me for sure. I always love to snuggle with pocorn and a movie. I am hoping later today it will be warm enough to venture out for a winter nature hike in the woods. I also love the library, a great place to get free movies and books!

  2. You were really good at I Spy, tho.
    Gremmum and Grempop always kept us occupied on a budget. I wonder how they put up with all of us.

  3. I love the Troy library! Always have, even as a kid I thought it was the coolest place to go! That and the bookmobile. Does the bookmobile still come around in the summer?
    Take care,

  4. When the five-year old becomes nine-year old, he is ready to take cooking classes. I do teach kids' cooking (9-12, generally) and you would be surprised about the enthusiasm they take hands-on classes.

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  5. I'm going to get to find out tomorrow and I am so excited! It finally snowed (not much but the roads are slick) and my kids are out tomorrow. We will have a blast:)