There's a Reason Why My Man Doesn't Shop!

Oh, the agony! I'm down with the flu, you know, that yucky achy crap, and I needed my husband to run to the store to pick up some photos I'm sending to my dad. Yasar asked if there's any food-type stuff he needs to buy, and I gave him a list of loss leaders from today's paper.

He came home with what I asked him to, plus a few extras. They must have seen him coming.

Meijer is running a $1 special on bags of Dole salad mix - but he must have picked up the wrong kind and ended up spending $2.99/bag.

Andrew suckered him into buying strawberries, a 1 lb box for $2.50 ("it was on special").

And then, the best of all, a teeny, tiny little box of red raspberries, to the tune of $3.49. Ack! He says, "how can you say no to Andrew when he wants something?". Hmph, glad that's a skill I possess, or he'd eat us straight to the poorhouse with his off-season tastes.

Unfortunately, Andrew dove straight into the raspberries...my kid is no fool. Meanwhile I'm pulling a knit cap over my greasy hair and headed back to the store in my pj's to exchange food.

Lesson learned. No hubbys allowed at the grocery store, especially not with kids. There won't be a next time.


  1. Seems reasonable to me, but then again I am a guy....

  2. Men are hopeless at the grocery. Absolutely hopeless.

  3. My husband does great at the grocery store, but I only let him takes the kids to the doctors office once. :-)