Turning Over a New Leaf....

I love New Year's Day. It's a time of reflection of the past year, successes and failures, what could be improved on and what can be completely deleted. It's a chance to look forward and anticipate what good things are to come. A chance to start over.

Resolution time. What do I hope to accomplish this year?

I want to lose weight. Just like probably 90% of Americans, I want a slimmer waistline, a smaller trunk with a little less junk, maybe definable collarbones. I'm committing myself to exercise and clean eating this year.

I also want to strengthen my relationship with God. How? By reading the whole Bible, front to back, this year. Something I've never done before. Ever since attending parochial school, I've had difficulty reading and absorbing the Word. This year it's time to overcome that.

We also need to get into a better place financially. That's going to become a priority for us this year.

What does 2009 hold in store for us? God only knows right now. But we will continue to pray, and work towards our goals with zeal.

What are your goals?

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