Pictures from PA

We're back in Ohio, tired and loaded down with all sorts of PA Dutch treats. Just wanted to share some of the highlights of our trip with you..

From the top:
*Hanging with poppop, talking cars.
*Andrew and his cousin Gianni "playing nicely". :)
*The owners of a tiny pretzel oven in downtown Reading - proof that Walmart isn't about to take over the world yet!
*Andrew standing on a smoldering part of Centralia, PA - there's a coal mine on fire under the town, it's been burning since the 50's (so I'm told), and the town has been all but evacuated. Andrew thought it was WAY COOL.
*And, lastly, Andrew and my oldest friend, Joy, in Chocolate World at Hershey Park. They were teaching the kids how to work in the chocolate factory, making kisses. Again, Andrew had loads of fun!

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