Bailing Out the "Big Three"

GM/Ford/Chrysler are standing in line with their hands out for their piece of the bailout package. And, in a distinctive AIG move, last month the CEO's of these companies head off to DC to plead tgheir poverty in their luxurious private jets.

Yeah, it makes you scratch your head. But NPR pointed out that flying private is contractural for top CEO's, that it's too much of a terrorist risk to fly commercial. In a way, I can understand that.

Until the companies just blew that theory out of the water by having the Big Kahunas return to DC by car. That's right, road trip. Huh.

I wonder if they're driving those big gas-hog SUV's?


  1. Hey there!
    I just got the email about the tree! I have never heard of that before. How great.
    I had heard that about the CEO's going places by car now. That and getting rid of Tiger Wood's endoresment stuff.
    Take care,

  2. It seems to me we would have never thought of bailing these guys out months ago, now we are helping the banks, and here are the 3 stooges from the "big 3" with their hands out like little kids wanting to know why they cant have some too. I dont think they will go under if we dont bail them out, but if they do, its their own fault anyway. Can we say corporate welfare?

  3. OK, this is bad, but why are we more worried about those CEOs and terrorists than anyone else? Let them fly like we all do.

  4. Dont give them a dime. Let them walk.

  5. I was in Michigan for Thanksgiving. Everyone was talking about the big three. There was frustration, fear, and a bit of embarrassment over the CEO's appearance on Capital Hill. Not sure how I feel about it all, but it's certainly something to pray about. You can read more on my blog: http://www.jumpingtandem-ne.blogspot.com