The Piqua Lucky 16?

This past week, a whole slew of coworkers from Piqua, Ohio (7 miles north of beautiful Troy) won the megabucks. $207 million. Lucky guys? Really?

And you know they're just the talk of the store right now. All of our delivery drivers have suddenly got this insatiable urge to run to the c-store next to us and buy scratch-off tickets. A sucker bet, to be sure. But they've seen a glimmer of insane luck strick close to home, and they want a piece of it. Apparently it will make all their dreams come true.

I don't agree. I've been acquainted with a few moneyed people, and they never seem happier than anyone else. Quite the opposite, at times. Their brand of rat race never seems to come to fruition. The people invested in the stock market over the past few months are no doubt more stressed than us "poor folk". People with multiple properties are getting killed in the housing crisis. Those that buy new cars take a hit on massive depreciation.

Right now I'm the most money-poor I've ever been. And have never felt richer. You can't win that in the lottery.


  1. I am trying to force myself to believe that...but if i could make just my debt go away I would be happy. You know pay everything off and give some away.

  2. You are such a wise, wise woman! I've never played the lottery and don't plan to.