Oh, My....

I love Feedjit! If you dig around a little, it'll show you what people are googling that leads them to your blog.

Yesterday someone landed here after googling "flex spending ky jelly".

Thought I'd share that little chuckle with y'all....make of it what you will. :)


  1. I am busy, so not really blogging but am reading u and commenting u regularly, are you not getting my comments?
    I can understand that christmas is hard, but its festival time and I guess acceptable. :)

    have fun and enjoy.

  2. What did they find once they got there?

  3. Hey there!

    Have a great Christmas and a fun road trip. We leave for Iowa on Friday and are in high gear to get ready!

    Take care,

    PS One time I saw that I got views on my blog one time after I wrote about vomit on my suede shoes! Yuck!