What's Wrong With Having an Opinion?

Facebook is a great way for me to contact people from the past en masse in 30 seconds or less. I love that I can let everyone on my list know what I'm up to whenever I'm online, and I get to see little snapshots of others as well. (for those unfamiliar, when you sign on to FB, there's a little tag at the top that says "Emily is...." and you get to fill in the blank.).

Anyway, yesterday I plugged in that I was disappointed, but not surprised. And that I would be praying for Obama. Yes, I was referring to the stand he takes on gay rights and the fact that he's pushing his pro-abortion agenda. Well, there's an old friend who's on my FB list who's gay, and I had to explain my comment. Basically I said, gays make a decision, and are usually mature enough to handle the repercussions. The unborn have no voice. Today I get an earful about how he'd never wish his lifestyle on another, and he volunteers in the foster care system and sees children who would have been better off aborted. And I'm told I'm small-minded.

This just breaks my heart.

Homosexuals, whether by nature or nuture (a debate I son't care to get into right now), have resources available to them. There are antidiscrimination laws in place to give them equal footing in the world. There are groups to be part of, churches organized specifically to minister to them. Thye have each other to rely on. As for the "lifestyle", I deal with something similar. I'm fat. I face legal discrimination fairly often. Yes, I make a decision not to lose weight (I'm not addicted to food, but it's very VERY hard to lose weight, and I just don't have the strength of character). Unlike gays, I have no "closet" to come out of. My big butt doesn't even FIT in the closet! So I get that being gay isn't all fun and games. But it is a decision.

What kills me is the comment that there are kids out there who would be better off unborn, killed in utero. I never thought I'd be a card-carrying pro-lifer, but the older I get, the more passionate I feel about this. Every baby deserves a chance. Every one of them. Rape, incest cases, every one. God doesn't make mistakes. God makes opportunities. So many out there are hungry for a child to love, and are unable produce life. It seems unfair that someone can squander such a gift while others stand aside and watch, wistfully. And for our tax dollars to be spent paying for what boils down to murder? Heresy!

I'm not sure exactly where I was going with this post. You almost hate to express your opinion, afraid that you will offend someone. And the sad fact is, you probably will offend. But, darn it, I'm entitled to an opinion. And I'm entitled to express it. I hope I didn't make anyone else mad. But if I did, we probably wouldn't be friends anyway.


  1. I love it emily Speak your mind. We all don't have to agree but there is nothing wrong with standind up for what you believe in. We are too concerned with being PC anymore. I don't understand the gay community but try not to judge esp. since a lot of my clients are gay. The don't have kids so they spend on fluffy. Without them I would definately not bring home the salary that I do. As for babies I agree there aren't any mistakes. God Bless them all.

  2. hi.
    i completely agrre with you that everybody has a life to live, and God doen't make mistakes. Infact I always admire an open minded person like you. :)

    But think about this, u despite all the problems is an optimistic person and your friend seems to be pessimistic. Now, if you say that differing opinions means, no more friendship, you are pushing more pessimism towards that person. difference of opinion is inevitable, but not bad. It simply means that both parties are thinking. we humans should be sensible enough to be together despite having difference of opinion.

    In all, really like your post.

  3. Though I am "pro choice" I think there needs to be strict laws regarding it. Very strict. As for the gay lifestyle, I grew up around the gay community, I dont blink twice and I understand the troubles they face but for the most part, I have a few friends who are couples and have adopted or had children other ways and they are better parents then me. I think just like any adoption it should be based on facts and not someones lifestyle. Anyway, everyone can think what they want thats the beauty of our country. THanks for the comment, yeah Ive been up to my knees in vomit. gag.

  4. You go girl! I agree, "Speak your mind!" I am Pro-Life with you and
    if you would ask a women who has longed for a child, for years, a child to hold and love and a child that the Lord has not blessed her with (biologically) how she feels on Mother's Day as she waits for the Lord to fill her arms (through adoption), she would wish everyone would be Pro-Life.

    I also agree with your post on gays. As individuals, many of them are wonderful people, but I still disagree with their lifestyle.

  5. um, last time i checked abortion is LEGAL, so those kids in foster care right now who should have (in your friends view) been aborted, COULD have been aborted, yet they weren't. so, people are just stupid. they bring(or take out) children into(from) this world no matter what, without thinking of the child's best interest, and the children have no voice. they are needlessly discarded(via neglect, abortion, foster care) and we are closed minded because we think that they have a right to their beautiful, purposeful lives! and emily you make a good point about "weight" discrimination! i had a woman open up to me about her weight issues and i barely knew her! she talked about how her weight affected her health and how she knew she should lose weight because she'd feel better, but she just can't stop eating badly. and then feeling guilty about what she eats. all the while she was covering up her doughnut so that no one could see her eating it so that they wouldn't judge her for it. it broke my heart. no one cared that she was eating a doughnut. in that arena, no one cared that she carried some extra weight. but she feels like they do. it obviously is a difficult "lifestyle"! okay, so i said my non-pc peace too! so i guess i have an opinion too! facebook just doesn't have much room to write them down! myspace is better, but all my friends are on fb! :) love you! casey