19 Weeks

This has been a hard last few weeks. There's been so much worry, due to the previa. I've been spotting for the last two days. The doctor's not too concerned, I wish I could say the same.

We had an appointment yesterday. It went pretty well, the doctor pulled up a picture of our little Mildred on the ultrasound. She's growing like a weed! Her bones are calcifying, and she's the size of a large tomato (consequently, one of Yasar's favorite foods). She's tipping the scales at half a pound, too. My big girl!

As for me, my weight is still pretty low. It's like my OB's office has a magic scale - it never seems to move for me, unlike the one in my bathroom. I've probably dropped a pound since last visit, which still puts me in the -8 lb from prepregnancy weight, when I should have gained between 8 and 14 lbs by now, according to the weight calculators out there on the web. Again, my doc's cucumber-cool about it, and she's the expert, right?

Mildred's also been making her presence known with her in-utero calesthenics. She's quite the dancer, and stretching her legs all the time. I don't feel kicks per se, but she gets those little heels against the side of my uterus and lays on the pressure! Some days she's more awake than others, but she pretty much makes her presence known daily. :)

Just keep praying that the placenta moves so the bleeding will stop.

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