Today Andrew and I met some friends at Boonshoft Museum for a playdate/mommy get together. We had a great, pretty unremarkable time - until the last 15 minutes.

We were on our way out when this darling little brunette girl, probably around 3-4 years old, came up to me with a very sad look in her eyes. It turns out somehow she got separated from her family. My friend Christine went to the office to grab an employee (we were on the second floor, and the little girl wouldn't go to the office on the first floor with us - as it should be, mom taught her well not to leave with strangers). The employee came and took her downstairs to the office, Andrew practically glued to her side. He was not letting that little girl out of his sight!

They didn't even get around to paging her mom over the loudspeaker before a distraught woman barged into the office to claim her lost daughter. Andrew was right there through the whole thing, and we were within sight of the whole reunion as we browsed the adjoining giftshop.

Andrew came up to me after mom and daughter went back to having fun. He said, "mom, I almost had a sister".

Ouch. All that time, I thought he was just being protective. But I guess he was of the "finders, keepers" mindset, waiting for that little girl to be unclaimed so we could take her home with us.

And then the employee who reunited the mom and daughter had to come over and compliment me on Andrew's manners, and made a comment about how he said he had a sister but she died.

Of course I start to tear up (in fact, I'm doing it right now). I don't often see how Leila has affected Andrew...but when I do, it's so painful for me.

We talked about it on the way home, about how taking a girl from her mommy would be wrong, and God would be bringing us our own little girl. My advice to him was to pray about it. God has a way of listening to that child. I said it was up to God to give us that gift.

And he said, "but it's up to you and daddy to do....um...that thing I'm not allowed to talk about."

Weirdest feeling in the world, crying and giggling at the same time.


  1. It does tear me up inside when I hear how siblings are affected. What a horrible lesson to learn at such a young age. Poo Andrew!

  2. This made me cry.

    Christopher is the quietest about such things. He'd rather bear his grief in silence. Micheal is the more vocal, much like Andrew. He's been known to say things like that on occasion. And it just hits your heart.

    I've been looking into adoption. Obviously BEARING another child is not in the cards for me anymore, but perhaps we can adopt one. I doubt it, given our financial situation and the cost of adoption, especially an infant, but if God has a child out there for us, He'll help us find a way to make it happen.

    Andrew will indeed be a big brother to a beautiful little sister here on earth someday. All in God's time.

  3. you should be happy that Andrew is responsible. I am sure there will be a day when he will have a younger sibling.

  4. It is one of the hardest things to see how it affects our children to miss their siblings. Praying God's continued comfort for you and your family in the coming year. I hope you had a Merry Christmas...loved what you said about thinking about what we can give to Jesus! And...your courage to step on that scale and share it just blessed my socks off. I am needing some accountablility in this area as well.


  5. Wow, that was quite a story and Andrew is a remarkable child (but we already knew that)! When I read his words all I could think was WOW. He will make an awesome big brother some day, bless his little heart, such a precious little boy. And as for Leila, there is NO doubt in my mind that we will be raptured soon and Jesus will place our babies in our arms as we stand before him. God bless you and your family, Emily. ((((HUGS))))

  6. Oh my ... heartbreaking AND funny. You are such a great mommy to be raising such a great boy. Just think of the incredible child(ren) the Lord is going to give you, in His perfect timing.

    Blessings, Kim W

  7. No way that you mention the Boonshort Museum!! I had never heard of it before until today and we are going to go there on Sat for Kyndra's birthday. :)

    Your Andrew is such a sweetie. I have wondered how Hannah has taken all of this. She doesn't really talk much about it but we don't get to see her very often right now during the year.