Lines in the Sand

I've had so much positive feedback on my picture of the scale - people have repeatedly called me "brave". I wish I were full of courage.

My picture on the blog is a nod towards my "bravado". And my inability to complete things.

Instead of drawing a line in the sand, I've carved a line in bedrock.

By involving my friends, people I know will hold me accountable, coach me on when I get discouraged, I've added an insurance policy to weight loss. It's not like going to the Weight Watchers meetings, where I can simply stop going. I have people who know my real struggles, and will no doubt call me on it if I don't continue this journey towards optimum health. I certainly hope you won't be afraid to reach out and pat me on the back or slap me upside the head, depending on the situation.

So I just wanted to say that YOU make me brave. That I can't do this without YOU. God has provided YOU to push me to success. YOU deserve the credit here.


  1. You can do this Emily, with Gods help anything is possible.

    You have inspired me to get going again as well.

  2. all d best Emily.. go for it.. i am sure you will succeed

  3. emily, it's not just you...you are not the only one who physically sabotages yourself. i've got high cholesterol and a mom who just almost died not more than 4 months ago from open heart surgery - and do you think i've made changes to my eating/exercise habits? no. not one. very frustrating! the change has to come from WITHIN...that's what i heard on tv this morning. really...if i have to do it from within then it'll never happen...my FLESH will never allow it! i wonder...could it be that change only comes from The Lord? He WILL give you all you need Em, i will pray you will receive it! love-casey

  4. Sometimes God waits for us to take that first step off of the cliff into the unknown. Then...he catches us.

    You deserve all of the credit for taking that first step.

    Hugs to you.


    ps- I was thinking of you last night as I was munching on my air-popped popcorn. Hoping that you are mastering the point system!

  5. I saw you Sunday, but I didn't get to talk to you. I just wanted to say, "You go, girl!" :-)

    Blessings...Kim W

  6. I didn't really go low carb, just learned to moderate what I eat instead, and listen to my stomach and stop eating when I was full. This was hard for me I love to be chewing, so gum helped some, but it really became a game of mind over matter. You CAN do this. Here all the way for you.