2009 will go down in history as the year I grew up.

Looking back on this year is painful. Humbling. And hopeful.

I never thought I'd be grateful for the trials of this past year.

You know the jewelers trick, how they put their brightest diamonds against black velvet and shine spotlights on them?

The good from this year shines so intensely, contrasted against the dark and reflecting God's bright light.

I've learned the value of the friends I already had, which I probably would never have fully appreciated without Leila. The level of support we received was just tremendous. Christine, Shari, you guys are my bright diamonds. I love you!

I think this year was the year I fully came to appreciate God. He answers my prayers every day. I know putting our family through these situations hasn't been easy for Him. He hates to watch His children struggle. But He is infinite in wisdom and knows that these trials were intense learning experiences and would be necessary for our growth.

Despite all that's happened, 2009 will be fondly remembered.


  1. I once heard someone say of suffering & struggle: Without the dark valleys, we would never appreciate the view from the bright, sunny mountaintops.

    I hope you have a happy & blessed 2010.


  2. You said it well. The world is full of sadness but God is good.

  3. I love your positive attitude. Always be this way and keep smiling and I am sure this new year will fulfill your many dreams. :)

  4. Yes, fondly remembered. And I love your analogy with the diamonds.