So soon after my head exploded over the abject refusal to remove strawberry and chocolate milk from the elementary school lunchline on Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution...

Mead Johnson rolls out chocolate- and vanilla-flavored toddler formula.

If we're scratching our heads, wondering why our kids are dying younger than we are, let's give our poor scalps a break.

I love that quote, "What's next, genetically modifying moms to produce chocolate breast milk?"

Lady, don't give them any ideas.

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  1. Wow, my son gets a very weak chocolate milk as a "treat" and that might happen 1 time per week. It's sad that they won't get rid of chocolate milk and strawberry milk in schools.

    I saw the unflavoured version of the Mead Johnson toddler formula. I wasn't aware that they made a sweetened version of it. And all I can say is wow. My son is picky about what he eats, but after talking to his doctor, and giving him his options, if he doesn't eat, he will eventually. She recommends making sure he has his vitamins and his milk. He will eventually eat. He won't starve to death.