Some Concerns

First, I seem to have lost my muse. It's challenge enough to pull together my weekly blog over at Almost Frugal - I just don't seem to have much to say otherwise. At least, not anything new or exciting.

I miss her. A lot. As her birthday creeps closer, my emotions are closer to the surface. I'm dreading Mother's Day, which will also be a baby dedication at our church. Might just have to skip that one.

But, before M-Day, the GYN. (men, please feel free to scroll down.) Ever since about CD12ish, I've been spotting. The internet is a wonderful and scary thing, with its wealth of conflicting medical information. So I made an appointment with my GYN for Wednesday. Combine the spotting with the inability to lose weight, (extreme) irritability, infertility, and a few other symptoms that I'll spare you, and I'm wondering if there's a progesterone deficiency. When I was pregnant with Leila I was diagnosed with LP and put on suppositories until we got to 14 weeks. I'm not making excuses, and this isn't as much about getting pregnant as finding out what's going on (not that I'd sneeze at a BFP).

Until then, I'll keep up my organic, borderline-vegetarian diet and my daily 4-mile walks. And the head scratching as to why the scale refuses to budge. And hopefully Dr. C will be able to shine some light on my situation.

One funny thing that happened today. We didn't plan ahead and ended up starving and out of town. Stopped at a Chinese buffet. I had the HARDEST time eating there. Just looking at all the fat and cheese and fried stuff was nauseating. They had a Mongolian grill, I loaded up with veg and some noodles, got to the meats, and just could not put any of that protein on my plate. I watched a trailer for a movie called Earthlings, and that's all I had flashing through my head (if you like to eat meat or have an affinity for animals, don't Google this. It's like the Faces of Death of the industrial meat industry. You've been warned.) So there I sat, with my sad little bowl of wonton soup and my veggie noodle stirfry. Yasar and I looked at each other and it was clear: we'd completely lost whatever enjoyment we once had in regards to eating out.

That's all, Folks! Emily out...


  1. Check into a gluten intolerance, as that will keep you from losing weight as well. As will a glucose issue, so have that checked out as well.

    I don't know what I'm going to do Mother's Day Sabbath. I know the traditional for the Sabbath preceeding Mother's Day, and I'm not entirely certain I'll be able to handle it. Chaya would be turning 1.5 just a couple of days prior to that for one thing. And for another, it's only my second Mother's Day without her. I just KNOW I'm going to be a teary mess at church, being surrounded by all those beautiful little girls but missing my own.

  2. I'm sure your doctor has already looked into this, but could it be possible that you have PCOS. I have it, and though it mimics a low progesterone it's actually high amounts of estrogen and testosterone. Anyways, it makes it almost impossible to lose weight, it also makes it easy for hair to fall out, or grow it in places women should never think to grow hair. Also, spotting or no periods are common. Or VERY irregular periods. Good luck at the GYN, and I hope you find some answers. I've never watched that show, and it might be best if I don't. But I don't look forward to eating out as much as I used to. I just keep thinking of how much I could have bought at the store with that money.