Another Mommy Moment

I think I'm ready for my high-paying UN position. I have all the necessary negotiating skills now. Okay, let's drop the sarcasm. Andrew has pinkeye, and convincing him to let me put drops in his eyes every 3 hours is turning into a real challenge. Yeah, he's not too happy right now. But we can fix that...with $5 in his pocket and a trip to the grocery store candy isle. Kids today, they just don't realize how lucky they are, do they? He chose cotton candy, something we as kids had to wait all year to get at Community Days. And Swedish fish. I have to feel bad for him here, he'll never understand that the only real way to eat these little red chewy bits of summer is to follow it with a chlorinated pool-water chaser. Oh, and he got gummi frogs. These are a new face on the market...well, maybe not new, per se, but they sure didn't have those noxious little boogers back in the day. No doubt we would have loved them, but since donning the mommy hat? They represent all the evil that is the Trolli Candy Company.

And then Yasar comes home to pass judgement - or am I getting too sensitive about a little eye-rolling? After all my championing, am I reduced to this? All this time, I've been the mommy who is doing everything possible to inhibit Andrew's first trip to Fat Camp or the Husky section at Sears (horrors from childhood). It's a wonder he went to bed, he's just so hepped up on sugar right now.

(shaking head) I feel like such a failure....

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