Do I Heart Dyson? A Review of the Dyson DC07 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

It all started last summer. My husband's heart was stolen by this lonely, charming, fluffy, oh-so-furry bundle of kitty-happiness that snuck into our store and made himself right at home. As hard as it was to part from him, Tiger had to spend a few weeks at the animal shelter to give his rightful owners a fair shot at redemption….and also to give us a little room to plan.

After a week of avidly watching Petfinder to make sure Tiger (they dubbed him “Stewie”, isn’t that the stupidest name?!?) was still cooling his heels, it became obvious that he would be making a place in our home, and I needed to make some accommodations. I am horribly allergic to almost every known allergen on the planet…but most especially to cats. So, after refilling my prescription, I started doing some research on different Hepa Vacuums – with my intended target being the Dyson. The reviews online and in Consumer Reports are mixed for the Dyson Company. Many people seemed put-off by the high price tag, which was absolute gobblety-gook. At $550, it is a major purchase for most. But any other “reputable” vacuum cleaner plays in the same ballpark. And I desperately needed some help with the up-and-coming cat hair & dander disaster. So I bit the bullet and traded in my Kohl’s cash for a Dyson DC07.

What I adore about my Dyson:

  • I really dig the look. It’s very “now”, funky-jazzy-purple and bristling with attachments. My husband was so thrilled with the look and gadgetry that he couldn’t wait to take it for a spin (my husband….vacuuming? That alone was worth the $550!)
  • The clear canister offers you a deep sense of accomplishment. There’s something so darn satisfying, seeing that container fill with all the detritus from your carpets.
  • Ohhh, baby, the suction. No lie, we built this home 2 ½ years ago. I’ve been sweeping with my Kenmore canister since then. After the Dyson’s maiden voyage, you could have stuffed a decent-sized throw pillow with the carpet fibers in the canister. My husband commented that, after a few rounds with Dyson, we may not have to pay to install hardwood floors.
  • The unbelievable amount of reach you get with the hose/wand thingy. It goes all the way from ground floor to the top of the stairs – and you’re not dragging the whole vacuum behind you.
  • My kid pushed it down a flight of stairs, and it still works!

What I’d change about it:

  • I’m not fond of the hose/wand thingy. I know, I know, it’s what others (and myself, see above) raved about, but I feel like you almost have to have been hooked on Transformers as a child to truly “get” this.
  • I agree with the naysayers on the excessive number of attachments. There are three of them that do not connect to the vacuum itself, along with a spray and a powder-substance, all of which I have to store in the pantry. Is there a way to reduce the number of attachments, or to make them contained on the vacuum itself?
  • This isn’t a very friendly machine when it comes to flat surfaces. Vacuuming the kitchen linoleum isn’t as easy as the Kenmore canister, 1) because the wand is awkward and 2) because the bare floor attachment doesn’t pick up debris well.

All in all, I’m hooked on my vacuum. Vacuuming the house has gone from a ho-hum chore to an anticipated event! Even my 4-year old can’t wait to empty the canister for me, and is even trying his hand at pushing it around. Despite some minor complaints, I still think they should make a national holiday, complete with hot dogs and fireworks and toddlers smeared with cotton candy, for the day that Dyson crossed the pond.

4.5 stars, guys. You swept me off my feet!

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  1. RobGwisdala@woh.rr.comApril 23, 2008 at 9:18 PM

    Very nice review!
    Enjoy your Dyson!