The Bitter Fruit of Feminism

Recently there was a news story out of Georgia, about a group of nine 3rd graders with a very sophisticated plan to attack their teacher. 3rd graders...those are 8 to 10 year olds! They had handcuffs, duct tape, a steak knife, and other sinister items, and had assigned their fellow classmates duties such as covering the windows and post-attack cleanup. Thankfully, this plot came to light before it ended in tragedy. But this just highlights a very distrubing trend affecting our nation's most precious resource, our children.

The hallmark of the feminist movement is equality between men and women. While the movement in general is Biblically bankrupt, not all feminist views are without merit. There is something to be said for protection against sexual harrassment, the addition of maternity leave, and the confirmation of women as people, not property. But how has female equality affected our families, our children? Since women fought so ferociously for these rights, we've been compelled to utilitze them and establish ourselves as assets to the workforce. Our children have been shuttled to daycare, passed off to after school programs, and sent home to veg in front of the TV until mom gets home from work. We've basically turned up our collective noses to our role as the glue that holds the family together, in hot pursuit of the Almighty Dollar.

And then, right around the time that feminism was in full swing, our government realized its potential and began to capitalize on it. And why not? They can increase taxes, reduce welfare services, and slack on their job mitigating inflation, without quite the impact on the Joneses as back in the 1950’s. After all, with a dual-income household, we can afford it now, right? Need some proof of this? From 1932 to 1974 (42 years), a first class stamp increased just 7 cents. From 1975 to present? 32-cent increase in 33 years (www.akdart.com/postrate.html). This is one of many examples of how the US government, who we vote into office, and trust to do a specific job, has sold us out to their own best interests.

So a few decades go by, and we become inured to cost-of-living increases, income taxes, and credit card debt. To what end? We now have a nation of families without the option of having a stay-at-home parent. We cannot afford the basic necessities without multiple incomes. Our children are not being emotionally and spiritually nourished. They are not being imparted with the morals, ethics, and values that our society was founded upon. And the breakdown is showing itself in increasingly violent acts and tendencies. Childhood depression, obesity, behavior disorders, they’re the “norm” now. How long will this go on before someone addresses the heart of the matter?

I could ride this soapbox all day, but what is the solution? Just my opinion, and I know many wouldn’t agree, but we women have to embrace our God-ordained role as mother and caregiver for our families. Proverbs 31 very clearly spells out what should be every wife and mother’s goal. She is first and foremost a helpmate to her husband, someone in whom he can have complete confidence. She has a sense of purpose, providing for her family from inside the home. She is industrious, frugal, charitable, wise, God-fearing. And she purposefully raises her children to have these same qualities.

Proverbs 22:6 “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Does anyone else live in terror of the next generation? There’s no one at home training our children! Our kids are growing up in a society that applauds violence, and no one is at home with them, guiding them into responsible adulthood. SpongeBob isn’t imparting wisdom, Bart Simpson doesn’t care about their feelings, Cartman can’t offer them a sense of security. Yet we’re counting on our children to instinctively know the difference between right and wrong and cultivate a conscience, without the benefit of and their right to our loving guidance. AND to teach these qualities to their children. And so on goes the cycle, each generation worse than the last.

How long will we women continue to sacrifice our children to the great god feminism? When will we take a stand against these alternative, unbiblical roles that society has burdened us with? When will we start pressuring our government to do its job, so we can get out of the workplace and do ours?

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