Sacrificing our Children...

Today on CNN.com, there’s a very disturbing story out of California. Nine day care facilities have shown up matching home addresses for individuals from the sex offender registry. The offenders' crimes are varied, from sexual battery to oral copulation with a minor. The State of California is moving the shut these businesses down.

The State of California is MOVING to shut these businesses down. Moving?!?!? Hello? Does anyone else see this as disturbing? Shut them down NOW! Bar the doors! Why does it have to become a legal matter??? And why would any mom continue to take their child to this place? Certainly the moms would accomplish what the government won’t – they’ll put them out of business the old fashioned way!

Unfortunately, this is another result of the feminist movement. Here again, we as women have been economically forced into the workplace. And someone has to care for our children while we’re doing our 9 to 5. We put our faith in someone with stellar references, a day care license, and a busy population of tots every day. Do we ever think about who else is in that home? When you interview a day care provider, do you think to ask about the other adults in the direct vicinity of your babies? No, most likely our focus is just on the primary caregiver. What about their visitors that day? We're much too busy worrying about the other minutiae about our workday world – What will our commute be like? Do I have enough change for the vending machine? Blah-blah-blah, ad nauseum. Meanwhile, we may not even see that we’re leaving our child in the presence of the predator. Every day.

Pedophilia is growing at an alarming rate in this country. It’s like school shootings – we’re almost becoming used to it, it’s so often in the news. It's not just someone else's problem anymore, either. It's happening in big cities and small towns. Heck, Dr. Robert Reinhold’s office is less than a mile down the road from me, standing vacant awaiting the next tenant (for those unfamiliar, Google Robert Reinhold Ohio and you can get the scoop). There's all kinds of websites, publications, and fan clubs geared towards pedophiles. There is even an organization, NAMBLA, that sponsor vacations to Thailand to have sex parties with children, among other evils. They have people brainwashed into thinking pedophilia is a brand of "sexual orientation", just like homosexuality. Obviously neglecting to admit that at least one party in this scenario isn't old enough to understand what's happening, let alone make a choice in the matter. I wonder if it’s not become more acceptable to garden-variety pedophiles to express themselves, with this mental illness being so publicized in the religious leaders of the Catholic Church. Whichever came first, the chicken or the egg, there’s no question that we need to be paying much closer attention to this issue.

It’s interesting that we as Americans are so quick to degrade the Middle East on their stringent laws and harsh punishments, yet the Middle East has little incidence of violent crimes, such as molestation. Why? Well, their punishments FIT the crimes. What guy wants to risk having his hand chopped off for stealing? Or his "manhood" removed for having sexual relations with a little girl? If those methods aren't your style, how about public decapitation? Stonings? What would be the result of these types of punishments enacted in America? Do you think we’d have clogged prisons? People cooling their heels on Death Row for 15 years? Would anyone be willing to kill another person? Rape someone? Risk their lives to commit the crimes? Maybe we need to reflect on that before we continue to look at American society as “enlightened”, and the Middle East as barbarians. Their mothers don’t often face the tragedy of having a child molested and murdered. Their fathers aren’t left burning for retribution, because their government isn’t squirmy about enacting punishment. Their families aren’t afraid to let children roam the neighborhood unsupervised, because there is no Stranger Danger on the loose, and they really adhere to the "it takes a village to raise a child" philosophy. Maybe America would do some good to model them, instead of demeaning them and their culture.

Whatever protection (or lack of) the US government provides our children, we as parents need to be informed, alert, and ready for action. Forewarned is forearmed. Keep a close eye on your neighborhood. Form a neighborhood watch. Bookmark http://www.familywatchdog.us/ and check it often. Also, train your kids. It’s alarming how many don’t understand how to deal with potential adult threats (and why should they? Don’t we spend all our time teaching them to respect and obey adults?). Check out this website for guidance on how to train your kids to keep them safe - http://www.self-defense-advisor.com/child-security.html. If you’re in the Dayton, Ohio area, sign your kid up for one of the ASSERT seminars, and maybe take one of the classes yourself. I’ve done the Women’s ASSERT a few years ago, and I loved it. Andrew just did the ASSERT Tiny Tikes yesterday, and it was a real wake-up call for me to observe that. Be assured he will be attending a few more of these classes until the material is drilled into his head. Also, don't be afraid to be vocal and impassioned about these situations. Our government needs to know how their constituents feel about our kids, and they need to be aware that we will vote accordingly.

When is the US Government going to start working for the US population? Probably not in our lifetime. So be vigilant. Be aware of your surroundings. Stand up for your children. And, above all, stay safe.

God bless….

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