Fancy Pasta Carbonara

1/4 pound of bacon, well done and diced (more is better, and thicker is better)
1/2 - 3/4 cup of parmesan (bags at store)
4 large eggs
1 lb spaghetti
2 tbsp salt

Beat eggs softly, and add Parmesan, and set aside. Cook spaghetti in 6 quarts of water, with 2 Tbsp of salt to al dente, or a little beyond. Drain water in strainer, and return spaghetti to pot. Add egg mixture and bacon, mixing thoroughly. Serve immediately, with a strong green vegetable (or salad) and some crusty bread.

Just in case your wondering, the hot spaghetti cooks the eggs completely, and the eggs absorb the oils coming out of the cheese. Viola!

So, total cost:
4 eggs - $.50
1 lb spaghetti - $1
Bacon - $3.50/lb, save some for BLT, so $2
Parmesan Cheese - $3.50
Salt - Are you kidding me?
Total - $7, and plenty of leftovers

Pasta -- the great, cheap stretcher

letter from editor - Okay, this recipe comes directly from my brother, David (aka. The Foodie). You gotta love a cheap meal you can make for company. Thanks David!


  1. Just a heads-up, we test drove this recipe tonight. Take the bacon up to a full pound, and drain it after cooking...but not TOO well. ~em

  2. I'm gonna try this one! Sounds like the perfect recipie for me when it's just the kids and I!