My Little Temper-Tornado

Oh-My-God! Did you ever look at your child and see yourself in them? It's sad and telling that, in Andrew, it's in his worst moments....

He actively disobeyed me today. He was riding his Hot Wheels in the street, laughing at me while I told him to stop, and riding just as quick as he could. And, yes you know what's next, here comes a minivan around the corner. Thank God she stopped, and Andrew avoided a trip to the hospital. Would you believe this is when the drama began?

Okay. Andrew has 3 hot-sauce rules - potty-mouth, lying, and disobedience. So he got a little Tabasco cocktail tonight. And he's SCREAMING at me, in utter rage, to GET HIM MILK (the antidote to Tabasco). And, in that rage, there was me. My temper, my facial expressions, my vocal tones. Just what I needed tonight, another cathartic moment....

So, this tale ends with a 38-lb child going all Chucky on me and trying to bust down the bathroom door, where I'm safely caged and calling Yasar. It's disconcerting to admit this, but Andrew was actually scaring me.

He's now in bed, and I'm taking a moment to reflect on myself. Who would have thought that having a child would teach you so much about yourself? Now I see how scary I can be when I go nuclear. It doesn't happen often, but I am guilty of that. And maybe I need to work on my temper. After all, I'm an example to this little boy, this adult-in-the-making, and I don't really want to visit the sins of the parent on him for the rest of his life. It's like that old Susan Powter line, "Stop the Insanity!".

Literally and figuratively.

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