More Frugal Tips From the Trenches

Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint Lotion - this stuff is liquid gold right now! After a cold shower, slather some of this on you and turn on the fan. No problems going to sleep in a hot bedroom anymore!

Iced Tea - Instead of spending lots of $$$ on drinks, we've gotten quite adept at making iced tea by the half gallon. Boil 1 liter of water. Drop in 6 tea bags, & let steep for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, take the other liter of cold water and put into a pitcher. Add sugar to taste. Pour in steeped tea, mix, & refrigerate.

Calculating Your Per-mile Costs - Being aware that driving one mile in my little car costs me approximately $0.13 keeps me weighing every excursion. So, if it's a short jaunt, maybe up to the Meijers or something, we'll likely take the bike. Yesterday Andrew and I went to Dairy Queen as a treat, and it was really hard to justify the 14-mile round trip, even with the BOGO ice cream coupon.

Alternative Entertainment - We've been spending more time chatting it up with our neighbors than usual. And networking with other moms at our weekly McD's jaunt. There's even been talk of a group cooking session between a few of us, which would be slammin' good fun! Oh, and there's another form of entertainment in our family right now, but I'll save the details for Monday. :)

Baking Soda as Hair Care (see previous post) - Believe it or not, this works! Hair is squeaky-clean, DH says it smells fine - not froo-froo, but clean. And after one day, it seems less greasy than before. Yay!

Subbing Bacon Grease for Lighter Fluid - this was a reader-contributed idea in a Dollar Stretcher this week. Paint your charcoal briquets with leftover bacon grease. Your charcoal will light better and impart your food with that wonderful bacon-y aroma. Mmmmm!

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