One Step at a Time...

My weight is officially out of control.

There, I said it.

And I can sit here and flagellate the reasons (depression, low income, stress, accessibility of fast food, etc. etc. ad nauseum), but the fact is only one person can change my BMI.

So, Saturday morning I faced my fears, and the scale. It wasn't pretty. In fact, pretty durn ugly. But I know what I'm up against now. I have seen the enemy and it is me. And I'm fighting back.

So, since I'm not so brave as to verbalize my weight in the court of public opinion, let's just call it "starting point".

It's been two days on my diet so far. I'm trying to limit calories to 1200-1400, stay high in protein (though that's very hard to do on our limited budget...there's only so many egg whites a girl can eat!), and get some form of exercise daily.

Where this is going to stop, I have no idea. But this weight thing is probably going to be a life-long struggle. That's a depressing thought right there. I need some support in this, and I'm not talking Weight Watchers. Or the food police (i.e. my wonderful DH, who I love dearly but who has been fortunate enough to have inherited some skinny DNA and will never understand the struggles of obesity).

Okay, I'm done ranting now. Off for a protein shake (MMM-MMMMMMMM!).


  1. If you are even slightly north of 200 then I relate...been there, left there, went back there and working on leaving there again. One day at a time. I love to eat, so exercise is my main focus. It is hard to lose weight on a budget, with a small child, while running a household. Hang in there and take it one day at a time.
    Keep us posed on progress!

  2. @ anonymous - Thanks for your kind support! Isn't it funny how the yo-yo follows us throughout life? Good luck to you on your weight loss journey (what a smarmy Weight Watchers term!) as weill! :)

  3. emily, i love you! i stumbled upon this site by a completely unrelated google search and up you popped! go figure! i remember you telling me about your mumblings a while back, but never checked on it. i have to say i have REALLY enjoyed reading your stuff. girl, you can write!
    as far as the protein thing, i just have a couple suggestions. 1. tuna. it's a great source of protein, inexpensive, and-in my opinion- delicious. on a budget just throw it on lettuce with tomatoes and a bit of cheese and any "newman's own" light dressings (2tbsp. measure it out). if you're splurging, mix it with tomatoes and avacado - delicious! 2. look at the south beach diet book for recipe ideas. it's too expensive to just eat right out of that, but it gives you ideas that you can modify economically. since you're a wonderful cook it shouldn't be hard for you to substitute! for your meals just think 4 small meals and PROTEIN/VEGGIE/VEGGIE and slip in a carb (not bread) before 3pm. eat as much lettuce as you can - that means BIG salad - bigger than you think you can eat -(you really can eat quite a bit more salad than you think) it will stick with you longer.
    that's just my 2 cents, not that you asked for them, but i think it does work.
    good luck, just don't think scale, think HEALTHY! honestly you're beautiful no matter what that scale says, but just maybe not optimally healthy! these foods that we eat to lose weight are ultimately just healthier - it's about getting off the beloved sweets and breads and falling in love with the beautiful - God given perfectly loaded with goodness - veggies. you will feel better because of it! physically and emotionally.
    good luck sister! :) love-case
    p.s. i don't think i've ever used the word "smarmy" i keep thinking, why don't i ever use cool words like that?! :)

  4. @ casey - Thanks so much for the support, girl! You made a little tear come to my eye! :)

    You know, workinsg with Ryan 2 days a week has been eye-opening when it comes to eating clean. And I'm with you in the tuna catagory. The problem is, I'm a bit of a tuna snob. 99.9% of my pantry is generic, but tuna is one of the few exceptions. So it pains me to buy it, even if the price difference is only about ten cents a can.

    So salads are the secret to your glow, huh? You'll have to keep that hush-hush, you'll run Avon, BeautiControl, AND Lancome out of business! :)

    mu-wah! Love you!