What We're Doing to Trim Our Budget

  • "Navy showers". You know, jump in, rinse, shut off the water while you lather up, shampoo, and shave, then turn the water back on to rinse. Estimated monthly savings - $10
  • DIY haircuts. Yasar and Andrew both use an at-home kit. And, believe it ot not, we've gotten pretty good at it. Nothing fancy, but good enough that it's not blatantly obvious we're not hitting the salon. Estimated monthly savings - $20
  • Angel Food Ministries. It's the first month we're trying this, but I have alot of faith in it. Estimated monthly savings - $20
  • Discontinuing the DirecTV. We got our government coupons in the mail and ordered our DTV converter boxes. DirecTV contract ends in 2 days, and I'll be on the phone with them cancelling that day. Estimated monthly savings - $70
  • Library. I wish I could put a figure on this. We've been spending so much more time reading, and Andrew gets plenty of free DVD's to watch. Estimated monthly savings - ???
  • Amazon Subscribe & Save. If there's something in the grocery department you use regularly, check prices on Amazon. If you sign up to have it sent at regular intervals, they give you 15% off, plus free shipping. Estimated monthly savings - $5
  • Aldi's. I stop in there about once a month for nonperishables. Really, you can't tell the difference. Estimated monthly savings - $10
  • Window Fans. Honestly, so far this summer we've only used the central air in our home when we have visitors. So our electric bill has stayed relatively consistent with winter's usage. Our trick for sleeping is a cool shower right before bed, then fans directed on you all night. Estimated monthly savings - $30

What are you doing to economize?


  1. We've concentrated on the electric and water bill too. Minimal lights, unplug all small appliances while not in use, not watering the lawn, combined laundry loads. We will run one big load as oppose to two or three smaller loads. Only running a full dish washer, or hand washing dishes, lots of coupon clipping and e-bay selling and buying! Good luck, it sounds like you guys are doing well at saving.

  2. hey hey hey
    I am already preparing my list of same. I'll use some of Ur ideas too, and will post my list some day, thanks for these ideas. :)