Riding the Fence, Again

Andrew and I spent a cold and rainy 4th of July morning standing on the town square and watching the Independence Day parade march it's way through the heart of Troy. Most of it was fairly predictable...drum corps, veterans, pagent queens in corvettes, but one entry caught me by surprise. There was a line-up of very vocal teenagers, with arms linked at the elbows and shirts that spelled out O-B-A-M-A-!

It's amazing to see teenagers, usually the most apathetic of all humans, really reaching into a cause and making it their own. These kids weren't just marching, they were believing, and wanting to take you along for the ride. I was struck by their passion. And I'm praying that they're right, and don't end up jaded after this up-and-coming term in the White House.

No McKane? No, I guess it's not p.c. for Young Republicans to be out there exposing themselves to the masses. I mean, what do you picture when I use the term "Young Republican"? Some stiff prep-school kid in a blazer and tie? Me, too.

I've made it to my early 30's without ever having espoused a political candidate. It's not that I don't care, it's that I have no faith in these people that make promises and never deliver. How can you, when we get burned every four years, like clockwork? They spend lots of time and money blowing pretty pink smoke up our rear-ends and expect us to bow over and thank them and forget when it comes time to "pay the tab".

No thanks.

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  1. you trust me, I hate them as much as u do, all d piliticians of my country.