Grocery Challenge - July

The Breakdown:

Groceries $306.32
Health $208.19
Misc $146.05
Restaurant $94.64
Gas $216.59

The Skinny:

Groceries are getting more expensive (like...DUH!). We probably could have trimmed this back a little more by not ordering those Dr. Melina protein bars from Amazon.com. But since I'm back working in the nursing home more than I usually do, these are such a God-send when there's no time to hit the breakroom (and that's a daily occurance). We've also spent more money at the farmer's market this month, and have been absolutely making ourselves sick of zucchini! :) Nothin' like a cheap, filling meal - sliced zucchini, sliced onion, a little evoo and some good italian seasoning, fry it together and top with parmesan cheese...mmmm! Anyway, I'm pleased that we've managed to spend less than last month, especially accounting that we had visitors for almost a week. WTG! Next month's going to be even better, too!

Health - poor Yasar is having some major dental issues. This has all been medications and, finally, the extraction of his tooth. RIP.

Misc - You know, looking through the things bought in the misc category, I'm very pleased. Yasar spent $45 at Autozone to get what we needed to change our own oil, and then did both the cars! For some of you, that's not a big to-do, but we've never really made the time to do these types of things (is this time found now that we've divorced DirecTV? Maybe?). And we got a Haynes manual for my car, since she's starting to show her age a little.

Restaurants - Looking back, we did really well with the eating out budget the first two months of this project ($35 and $59 respectively). After that, we started jumping into the triple digits. This month was better, but next month....

Gas - Better than last month's $300+ bill, but still more than I'm comfortable with. In the last week, gas prices have dropped from $3.96 into the $3.50's. So hopefully this trend will continue in the Miami Valley, and will be reflected in next month's report.

Goals for August:
  • We are going to knock the restaurant budget back into the $60 range. Period.
  • We should be able to continue the decline of groceries, since the tomato plants and cukes are full of big green fruit, and should keep us in good eats all month long.
  • We're probably going to have to make a trip to Sam's Club for rice, flour, and some other staples, and my goal is to keep that trip under $75.

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