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This blank screen is frightening today. There's alot on my mind right now, but is it really something I want floating around cyberspace?

My friend Melissa calls it "Funk". Brenda says it's normal for her. Can seasonal depression happen in the summertime? Winter blues are at least understandable. But this is summer, time of fun in the sun, extra vitamin D boosts every time you step outside. Ice cream trucks and overabundant tomato plants.

Or is it situational? Summertime is always something we "survive", with the business we're in. And with food costs being what they are, and profits getting leaner, summer is just not something to anticipate. The recession that everyone else is feeling the "pinch" of is crushing us in its fist.

Either way, it's starting to eat away at my emotional state.

Maybe I shouldn't say "starting". If I'm gonna throw it out there, I should at least be honest, right?

Thanks for listening.

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