Grab a Cup of Something and Get Cozy...

Because this is going to be a long one.
First off, Fulton Farms. Andrew's preschool had a field trip yesterday to our local pumpkin patch. We got to invite a good friend, Amanda, along, which was probably better for me than for him (as soon as he saw his best friend Izaiah, I began to eminate a chopped liver-esque stench. Good thing Amanda didn't mind. :)

"Let's get on the bus...." (dang Doodlebops, that song's STILL stuck in my head!)


That's a BIG tire!

And last night was Andrew's first Halloween. We never let him trick-or-treat before, so this was quite an experience for him. The first 15 minutes was spend goggling at all the other kids in costumes. Then he got the hang of it, and took off running for each door. What fun!

Isn't he ripped? Yowza!
As a side note, I promised him that, when we got home, he could eat as much candy as he wanted tonight only - I know, my friend Christine was looking at me like I needed a lobotomy or something, but I figure every kid needs that story of how he gorged himself on halloween candy till he puked. And you can probably guess what happened...15 minutes into his binge, he was munching on a piece of leftover pizza and watching a DVD. I don't know whether to be proud or chagrinned. That's my little hero. :)
Okay, and it's the end of the month, which means it's time to report the grocery challenge. I'm sad, we didn't meet the goal of $100 in edible food for the month. We were on track until a few days ago, when Yasar mentioned he needed to buy bread (he eats special bread he gets from the Middle Eastern grocery store in Dayton). So that, and some yogurt cheese and dates blew us over our goal. We're going to try again in November, since now we've got the whole rice & beans thing down to a science.
Here's the numbers:
Edible groceries: $129.08
Nonedible groceries - $0
Health - $44.16
Misc - $416.18
Restaurant - $95.55
Gas - $105.28
A note in the Misc catagory - Andrew's birthday is next month, so we bought him some cars. We also took care of Christmas for our family, and Tiger had a pretty expensive vet visit. I'd say I have more hope for next month, but we've still got some birthday party bills coming.
Restaurant has gone up a little, since eating rice & beans all the time gets us a little bored. Another thing we'll be working on next month.
And gas? Whooo-eee! It's $1.99 a gallon here right now! I'm praying that trend continues!
So that's it, guys. October is over. Hunker down and get ready for more expensive heating bills, seasonal depression, and snow shovelling. Uck.

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  1. now i see so many emotions in one blog. wow. But u know I love these blogs.. it seems I have really find a friend and these updates tell me how your whole month passed. I never thought that i could feel my bond for some one whom I have never met, and only read. But I always look forward to reading your blog and a strange bond with you. :)
    We don't clebrate halloween, but I celebrated two major Indian festival last month. Karvachauth and diwali.

    And reagding budget, I am sure you will do pretty well next month and good to know that gas prices are down. I am sure things will turn all well soon :)