What's New Here...

Yeah, it's been a little quiet on Mumblings. Maybe we'd be more accurate calling it "murmurings" right now. Truth be told, there's a lot going on here, just not really appropriate blog content.

So far this week has been a record sales week at the store. And not in a good way. I guess I understand, everyone is responding to the economic rollercoaster we've all ridden this week (VERTIGO!), and they're feeling that it'll be hard to spend that $20 on pizza. I get that. Unfortunately it's putting us in a horrible position, and bringing things to a head rather quickly.

I'm an action person. I don't like to sit on an idea for long, I want to put it into practice. It makes Yasar and I very compatable, he's one to contemplate. Anyway, I'm feeling this desperate urge to simplify our lives. I'm laying awake at night, figuring what household items to post on craigslist. To start really going through the basement in earnest and get rid of as much as we can. I guess this is my way of gearing up for worst case scenario, as the doors to our other options slam shut.

Bottom line, I'm scared. I have this uneasy feeling our lives are about to be completely upheaved, and we're going to be left loading up a truck with our very favorite belongings and heading back east. Not the worst thing ever, at least we have places to go, and we'll still have each other, but that underlying malaise is constantly there. The antidepressants are doing nothing to relieve it.

Yet, even through this, the "Footprints in the Sand" poem still comes to mind. God doesn't promise that we'll not face trials in this life, but He does promise to carry us through them. When I list my blessings, they may not be many at this time, but the ones I have are huge. My Lord and my family are all I need.


  1. I'm so sorry this has been such a bad week. My son asked me the other day why people who didn't own stocks would care if the market crashed. I explained it to him and the light bulb went on. I know we are all in he same boat but it doesn't make it much easier for any of us. I pray for all of our sakes tha it gets better soon.

  2. I'm sorry too -- it's never fun to watch things go from bad to worse.

    You could head west, though...;)

  3. I feel you. Things are bad for us too, I am soooo disapointed that we have no actual wedding now. We also face packing up and moving to atlanta with Marcus parents so we can catch up on our debt with the way the economy is, we are unable to make anymore sacrafices. I am sorry for you week, Ill send thoughts your way.

  4. things will improve for sure... my good wishes are always with you. Try to be optimistic, I know its tough, but that will help to have a better outlook. All the very very best.

  5. Emily,
    I'm praying for you guys.
    Thanks for your kind comments today. It's so hard to forgive ourselves, at least as moms it is. I can't imagine how gross the poopy diaper and finger painting incident was! UGH!

    Take care,